Monday, 25 March 2013 Jesus' OPEN DAY

Last year, about this time, I had the privilege to attend the Pearson High School Open Day - a time of introduction to all new parents and students. Coming from Europe and an entirely different educational system, this was all so new to me. But even some of my South African friends said that, coming from Primary School, it seemed like a whole new world. A world we didn’t even know it existed. So much more to do; so much more to aspire to and so many new people to meet. Quite overwhelming at first, but exciting nonetheless. On that evening, the admission rules were explained to us. This new school, this new world is reserved for some. Yes, anyone can apply, but only 160 students will be admitted. That’s the reality, these are the limits set by the headmaster or the authority in charge. However, somewhere among the application forms, there was a piece of paper that stated a very important part of the admission rules - that admission is guaranteed if you live in the vicinity of the school. It said that if Pearson High is your nearest High School and if you are a rightful resident of Summerstrand, then you will not be refused entry. What a relief to know! Especially in the presence of the other 500 people who might all be applying later. Why am I telling you all this…?

Easter is coming up and I have been pondering over this thought for a while. I believe EASTER IS JESUS’ OPEN DAY! He came; He made His presentation. Heaven is His world, a world we don’t know, but it exists, far beyond any imagination. God wants all of us to be there one day. Anyone can apply. Not everyone will be granted entry. But I have some really GOOD NEWS! There is a  little detail lots of people keep overlooking and that is: if Jesus is your friend and if you “live in the vicinity” of the cross he died on, admission for you is also GUARANTEED! Yes, you may fail a grade or two, you might even mess up on your very next exam, but if you live with Jesus in your heart, your grades don’t matter. You will get in.

This vicinity thing is really important because it is easy to be worried. Many people worry about whether they will go to heaven one day or not. Just like many parents have asked me since that Open Day: “What if you don’t get in?” and “Will you apply to any other High School?” and my answer has always been NO. None. This is the only one we will apply for. No doubt it is the best one for us and the good news is we live nearby. Some parents seem to worry, even though they live near the school too. Perhaps they did not read the small print and now the devil can sneak in a thought of worry or two: “Are you sure your child will be accepted?” or “What if his grades don’t measure up?”.
I, myself, have had lots of thoughts that I am not good enough for heaven and there were many times where I have sinned and the devil tried to convince me that I would not make “the cut”. But that is when I now go and read the small print of God’s promise again, for in the bible it says, that if you are a friend of Jesus and you make him your Lord, you WILL get into heaven. Your behavior is not the deciding factor, but your closeness to Jesus is. So the only question for you, over this Easter, is this: is He your friend and do you live near the cross? If not, why not make him your friend this Easter and make sure your admission is guaranteed? Jesus was here. He had His “Open Day” when He hung on the cross and He is reminding us every Easter. He has enough space for all of us. But there is a deadline for enrolling and you need to enroll now before he comes back.

I think even the devil knows that his time is almost up. Almost every new action movie released is dealing with some kind of “impending return”. People are sensing it and the devil is trying to advertise his own team. He will do anything to keep you distracted and busy and away from Jesus. But Easter is Jesus’ Open Day! Have you applied yet? If not…why don’t you pray to Him today!
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  1. No matter how long some of us have lived close to the cross we still need frequent reminders like this and the wonderful message of the gospel expressed in a fresh way. Thank you Sue.

    1. Absolute pleasure! I am glad you liked it. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!


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