Wednesday, 20 March 2013

How do you go to bed mom?

I have been paging through an old diary of mine and found an entry, that is as relevant today as it was back then. But more importantly, I think it is relevant to every stressed out mom and I am hoping I can make you smile with this today. Prompted by a Joyce Meyer teaching at the time, I took note of all the things I did before going to bed. Here is my journal entry:

"Yesterday, at 20h30, I was tired, so I told my hubby 'I think I am going to bed.' After that I got up and washed the dishes and tidied the kitchen. Once done in the kitchen, I quickly tried to fill in the High School application forms for my son, which ended up taking over an hour to complete. I then moved around the house to switch off the lights in the garage and everywhere else, locked the office and popped upstairs to check on my children. They seemed alright, but the toilet roll in their bathroom was empty, so back downstairs and up again for a refill. Going back down to the kitchen, I answered various sms mostly pertaining to my kids play-dates for tomorrow. I made myself a cup of tea and finally went to lie in bed where I noticed that it was now 22h30. By now I was exhausted, but knowing that I would have to go buy my groceries tomorrow, I  wrote my shopping list while sipping on my tea in bed. Then I turned off the light and tried to go to sleep.

And my hubby?

He was still lying on the couch watching TV and when he decided to go to bed...he switched off the TV and did just that. He just went to bed. Why ARE we so different??"

That was back then! Today...I know that God made us different and He provides me with little moments of peace, if I need them and I ask Him to. I do not stress over this difference anymore. I hope you don't stress either, but had a good laugh...! HAVE A HAPPY DAY TODAY!

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