Saturday, 3 August 2013

What ride are you on?

“Time” is such an issue in our lives that it becomes more and more apparent that our choices we make are so incredibly important. My day can be flying by somewhat in a blur, be wonderfully peaceful or anything in-between. The deciding factor for what day I have, seems to be the choices I make.

The way I see it, my day, perhaps even my life, is just like a fun fair, but the question is…what ride am I on? On a fun fair (or fairground you might call it) there are many different kind of rides. There are bumper cars where you can have quick encounters with other people who keep on bumping into you. A “bumper car day” is a day with lots of quick meetings, some fun but perhaps also some nasty encounters and the general feeling is - there is too little time.

Perhaps you would prefer to be on a carousel, going around in peaceful circles. Your view will be slightly blurred and it’s a small world, but carousel days at least seem manageable.

Other days might feel like you are going round and round at a rapid speed but getting absolutely nowhere. That would be the day that you have chosen to ride the “caterpillar” or, if it’s extremely hectic and feels out of control, you might have stepped onto a roller coaster. Such days are very chaotic with a lot of noise and many distractions and they pass at an incredible speed.

And for those of us who are slightly depressed, PMS or whatever the cause might be, it might feel like they’ve embarked on a “Ghost Train”. That would be one of those days where you feel stuck in a tunnel with old regrets and past failures and other scary thoughts and if that’s where you are today I say…DISEMBARK!

Come and join me on the Ferries wheel! That is my favorite ride of them all. I get to go on the Ferries wheel when I have my quiet time with God. It’s a time where He takes me high above and shows me a beautiful view of the scenery. There, from this eagle perspective, my day makes sense and I can figure out how to get through this fairground called life.

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I have discovered that quiet times are now my favorite part of the day. When last have you been on the Ferries wheel? Has your day been somewhat of a roller coaster ride? Do you want to stay on there or is it time to change the ride? It’s just a thought and it is your choice. What will you ride tomorrow? You decide. You will find me, early morning, on the Ferris wheel and from up there I am wishing you a HAPPY DAY!

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