Monday, 21 October 2013

The Gospel as told by little blue Smurfs...

Oh, mom, or grandma, if you ever needed a good story to explain the Gospel message to your children then go see the new Smurfs 2 movie with them! It’s no secret that I love movies but this one is going to become one of my Top 10! God reveals himself in many different ways to people and when He reveals Himself to children (and those that are young at heart), I believe He can do so through a kiddie’s movie. The latest Smurfs movie is a perfect example!
“The Smurfs 2” is the 2013 sequel to the previous Smurf movie. In this sequel Smurfette finds out that she was created by Gargamel and only later adopted by Papa Smurf. When adopting her, Papa Smurf infused her with a magic potion, which turned her, from her previous grey appearance, into the blue Smurf she now is. Apparently Smurfette also had a choice whether or not she wanted to be a blue Smurf and remain with them in the Smurf village. Though her past is long forgotten, on her birthday, Smurfette remembers her "roots' and, feeling a little ignored and neglected, she goes for a walk in the forest. There she gets kidnapped by Vexy, another one of Gargamel's grey Smurf-like creations, and is taken to his apartment in Paris. Gargamel and his grey helpers are trying to get the recipe for the magic blue potion from Smurfette, as it is the only thing that can keep them alive. But Gargamel, his true nature being selfish and greedy, just wants to extract the Smurf essence from them so that he can get enough power to conquer and then rule the world. Smurfette soon realizes that Vexy is actually her sister and is tempted into naughty behavior by her. But before she does too much damage, she uncovers the selfishness of Gargamel. When, in a moment of repentance, she remembers the goodness of Papa Smurf, she decides to try and undo some of the harm she has done.

The overall point of the story is that although Smurfette knows that she comes from an imperfect “parent” (none of us are like Gargamel of course!), she chooses to let Papa Smurf be her father and to be a kinder Smurf herself. She also takes a good influence on her sister who gradually takes a liking to her and comes and joins Smurfette in the Smurf village. 

So, having recapped all that, let's look at the finer details of "who is who":

Papa Smurf, with red pants and a red hat, is the only red Smurf in the entire story and why do you think that would be? Well, my interpretation, if I may, would be that, he kind of represents God. He is so full of love as only God can be and hence the exclusive red clothing. You will also notice that when Smurfette returns to him and repents for her misconduct, he has nothing but “googly” eyes for her. Despite her failures, he is always full of forgiveness and love for her. What an example for us parents!
Smurfette, an “offspring” from a very materialistic human, is adopted by Papa Smurf and turns blue after having been “infused” with the magic blue potion. Well, that's the part of the story that made me think of how we try to teach our children that once God adopts us and Jesus becomes our friend, we will receive the Holy Spirit, which, by the way, much in the same way as the blue potion gives us power and everlasting life. I can certainly testify that God "adopted" me a few years ago and I have been “turning blue” ever since. But just like Smurfette I had to CHOOSE to follow Jesus and start behaving more like Him. There it is mom! Do you see my point?

Then there is Grouchy Smurf who, purely by choice, changes his attitude and turns from "Grouchy" into "Positive" during the course of the movie and he does so simply by trying and practicing to be happy…need I say more?

And yes, of course, there is a baddy and his name is Gargamel as previously mentioned. Remember, he's the one who wants to rule the world and needs Papa Smurf's secret formula. I don’t know about you, but I find it always a bit difficult to explain to little children the role the devil plays in our lives. But Gargamel definitely reminds me of the devil. He is a real selfish villain and wants to extract the blue essence from the Smurfs, just like the devil wants to rob us of our joy. The blue stuff, or in our case the Holy Spirit, is the source of our power and our joy and he wants to have it. But he cannot get it if we don’t let him and like Smurfette, we can defeat him. 

So, here you go...admittedly by my interpretation...the Gospel as told by little blue Smurfs! Most of the elements of the Gospel message are right here in this movie that your children will love! There is Papa Smurf, the loving father and Smurfette, the girl who learns to overcome. Then there’s Grouchy, the boy who learns to be positive and last, but very much not least, the Holy Spirit power, though blue, very much present all over the movie. And though there is, as always, a baddy, none of the Smurfs ever have to fight him alone.

Now, if I made you just a little bit curious, then why not pop in at your local movie theater and go see for yourself? "The Smurfs 2" movie is worth a visit with or without your children. Enjoy and let your imagination soar!

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  1. Nice inspiring story, I like reading your blog, continue…

    1. Will do! Thank's so much for your encouragement! If you want to be informed when a new story is posted, perhaps just click on "follow me by email"... Have a super day!

  2. Hi Sue
    Like your smurfology

  3. I like the way it is written and the way you make your point, please continue....

    1. Thank you! I promise I will try and have a new post out soon!


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