Wednesday, 12 August 2015

My FIRST YouTube video!!!

I have been absent for quite some time from my blog and if you have read my previous post on surfing, you might rightfully think that this must be a "flat-water curse" or a "drought". But it is neither! Granted, it was a very long wait until I am finally writing again, but I do hope that the wait was well worth it. Rest assured, that my absence was not caused by a sudden lack of interest in my readers, quite the opposite! I have created a YouTube video on how to..."Survive your fear!".

This video is a personal testimony of mine and explains, with the help of the movie "Life of Pi", how I survived and faced fear after I received a massively scary medical diagnosis. It is not a professional video and therefore, from a seasoned YouTuber's point of view, perhaps full of flaws. But it is my humble attempt at explaining, how I made it through cancer treatments, despite the fear that accompanied me. I made it and so can you! That's the basic idea of the video and it doesn't really matter what the cause is for your fear. "Life of Pi" has inspired me in a tremendous way to make a new start. I have now washed up on my "Mexican shore" and I am ready to start a new life, a life with more love and no fear. Are you?

If the answer to that question is - yes! - then you might like to watch my video, the link is here:

Or if you prefer to read, you can view it here:

I hope you will watch it and you will find it to be inspiring!

I will try to follow it up in the next few weeks with a series of blogs that will be titled - "The Journey to the Center of Me".

As you might guess, the title of this series is based on the movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth" which is an adventurous story of a fantastical journey to the center of the Earth, involving much action and a rescue. The heroes of the story discover that the center of the Earth is a completely separate world contained within the Earth. 

You could say that in the last few years, I have been on a fantastical journey to the center of "me", discovering a whole other world in there too and witnessing much action and a rescue! Today I am healed, in more ways than one, and I would love to share some of the astonishing truths that I have found. Interested? Then come back soon!

Have a wonder-filled week!

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