Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Journey to the center of Me... - Part 4 (snackbreak!)

Snackbreak! I am working on my next post, but in the meantime, I thought I would share an interesting quote from Steve Jobs (Co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc.) that beautifully underlines the importance of "quiet times". Perhaps it will inspire you, hearing it from such a successful businessman...

"Coming back (to America) after seven months in Indian villages, I saw the craziness of the Western world as well as its capacity for rational thought. If you just sit and observe, you will see how restless your mind is. If you try to calm it, it only makes it worse, but over time, it does calm, and when it does, there's room to hear more subtle things - that's when your intuition starts to blossom and you start to see things more clearly and be in the present more. Your mind just slows down, and you see a tremendous expanse in the moment. You see so much more than you could see before. It's a discipline, you have to practice it."   Steve Jobs

My own journey will continue soon! In the meantime...HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

Every morning starts with a new promise, same as yesterday...HE LOVES YOU!

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