Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Survive your fear!

Are you facing FEAR? The kind of gut wrenching fear that comes with a very bad medical diagnosis or maybe with impending financial ruin? Perhaps you are about to loose your house and you really don't know how to make it till the end of the month? I suddenly faced fear when I was given a cancer diagnosis six years ago. At first it was paralyzing me and it literally felt as if it wanted to "eat me up", just like this tiger would if he really was alive and standing in front of you! But I survived, not only the cancer, but also the fear! I have now created a very short video of my story and posted it on YouTube in order to encourage anyone else who struggles with fear.

Click here to watch
This video is my personal testimony and explains, with the help of the movie Life of Pi, how I survived the fear I was facing after I received my "bad news". It really doesn't matter what the cause if for your fear, Life of Pi will hopefully inspire you, just like it inspired me, to face and overcome your fears. I made it and I am sure so can you! Please share this video with anyone who you think might need it. I believe that facing your fears is one of the biggest steps you can take towards healing and restoration and I can honestly say that I am healed today in every way!

There is a longer version of the same video on YouTube and I will put both links below, but it is the shorter one that I have posted recently. Here they are:

I hope you will watch either one and find it inspiring!


(Photos are mine.)


  1. Thanks for this Sue. Having faced the same journey with the same tiger for company I can identify with both your tangle with fear and the solution God offered. Praise the Lord you are doing so well.

    1. Thank you Shirl. You have been and are a great mentor to me and your book ought to be in everyone's hands who walks the journey! God bless.


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