Wednesday, 14 June 2017

My blog is now on Radio Kingfisher FM...!

Hi Diary,

Guess what? This is so EXCITING and an explanation why my blog posts are a bit less frequent at the moment...

"Diary of a non-perfect mom" has now been introduced on Radio Kingfisher FM and Lize-Marie Arthur and I are discussing one of my blog posts every first Wednesday morning of the month! She is such a gem and I am sure you really would enjoy her programme!

It does, of course, create extra preparation work for me and since I am still a full-time mom, I do not have quite enough time yet to "do it all". I am sure other moms know the feeling!! So, my writing might be a little less frequent for now, but I hope they still do pop in every now and then and visit my other social channels, like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram where I am also posting frequently.

I've once read that full time moms are not only moms, but teachers - nurses - referees - chefs - maids - waitresses - handymen - body guards - photographers - counselors - chauffeurs - event planners and hairdressers "all-in-one" and by the looks of it, now radio guests also. true! So to all the busy moms out there - I wish you a FABULOUS week with plenty of HUGS and KISSES from your kids, as a thank you for all that you do!
If you want to listen to my chats on Radio Kingfisher FM, just tune in on the first Wednesday morning of the month around 10h30 on either 103.8 or 107.5 FM or simply click on either of the links below, which will both take you to the KFM live stream:


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