Monday, 1 January 2018

My healing journey is now on Radio Kingfisher 107.5FM

Hi Diary,

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and my readers!!

Lifestyle with Lize 107.5FM
At the beginning of December, Lize-Mari and I discussed on Radio Kingfisher how real the "Hunger Games" became for me a few years ago. Only too real! (You can also read the story in my last post.) But, by the grace of God, I got out of them victoriously and I believe so can anyone else! Over the next couple of months, we will be talking about some practical tips on how to avoid burnout altogether, so you never even have to enter the games. So listen in this year!

Some of the core lessons I learnt on my healing journey came out of a book written by David L. Cook titled "Seven Days in UTOPIA, Golf's Sacred Journey". It took me more than seven days to complete my healing journey, but for me, it was indeed somewhat of a sacred journey and I will be sharing my best learnings on Lize's Lifestyle show on Radio Kingfisher 107.5FM.

For ease of reference and in case you would like to read any of my blog posts that I have written about it for more details, I will list them right here for you. I called them "The Journey to the Center of Me..." and there were 7 parts of this journey:

I hope you will find them helpful on your journey and don't forget to join us every first Wednesday of the month at 10h30 (GMT+2) on Kingfisher FM 107.5 or 103.8!


Click here if you want to listen live!

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