Saturday, 28 July 2012

But if you are limping...know that fruit HAPPENS!

I don’t know about you, but I struggle big time. As a mother. My mother struggled big time and I definitely suffer from the “puppy syndrome” (read my blog entry below from 10July). She made so many mistakes and I have been copying them all. But no more. They are not my weaknesses, they are hers. And if I don’t have to copy them, then you don’t have to either. As moms we are always trying to produce, produce a clean home, produce a happy home, produce a child with adequate manners, produce a social circle everyone else will envy us for and most of the time we feel like we failed. But why do we fail? Because we try to produce the fruit of motherhood. But fruit happens. A tree doesn’t strain to produce fruit on its branches. Fruit happens to grow when the branch is connected to the stem and getting enough nourishment and sunlight. And so it is with us. We cannot produce the fruits of motherhood, no matter how much we try. It just happens if you stay connected to the Vine. The bible says that Jesus is the Vine, so all you have to do is stay connected…have your quiet time today…and pretty soon you will have fruit in abundance to share with all those around you. It’s simple, but it is so true! Give it a try. I am wishing you a very fruitful day!!! 

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