Monday, 26 November 2012

Leaving your castle...

Have you seen any Disney movies lately? They are wonderfully encouraging and have more to do with being a mom than you would think! I, personally, always like to look for the "hidden treasure", things I have in common with the heroine or hero...and this first one has a lot to do with my recent trip to Germany.

So, mom, allow yourself some time and go to the local video store. I suggest you start with one of my favorites - "Tangled". It features a Princess by the name of Rapunzel. Rapunzel lives in a very tidy but lonely castle and often wonders about the world outside her castle. She has a sense that life is passing her by and that the lights she can see once a year in the distance have something to do with her. Her supposed mother has actually captured her at an infant age and lied to her about her identity all of her life. Yet, somehow, deep inside of her, Rapunzel knows that she belongs elsewhere and that the answers she needs to find are "somewhere out there".

When her "Prince" arrives she is rather suspicious of his motives at first. She even ties him up and inspects him from every angle. Eventually though she decides, that he is the only one who can help her break away from her castle and find the answers she is looking for. She reluctantly leaves her castle with him by her side and embarks on a journey beyond her imagination. On this journey, she finds that the world is full of beautiful things and even the evil thugs she meets cannot withstand the charm of her childlike beauty. With her refreshing attitude she wins them over and they end up helping her on her quest to find the source of those beautiful lights. Though her journey is scattered with challenges, adventures and many exciting moments and though the evil stepmother is close on her heel, she remains unharmed. In the end she discovers her true identity, reunites with her family and even the sacrifice of her golden hair seems to pale in the face of her newly found joy.

Wow! Does this sound familiar or not? Have you ever had a sense that life is passing you by? Have you been hiding in a tidy or not so tidy home and wondered about the world out there? Have you had a sense that you are more precious than your life seems to reflect? And what about those lies that we keep hearing in our heads sometimes? Lies such as "you are not a good enough mother" or "you could do better if you were more like the other supermoms". We work, we clean, we cook, we drive, we do homework, play-dates, parties and more and yet somehow, deep inside, we know something is missing. Somehow, in all the busy rush of child rearing the fun has disappeared and with it, our true self. But here's the good can find it again!

I have learnt that Jesus can be your Prince. If you are anything like Rapunzel (or me) then you might struggle with him at first too. I did. Though I did not smack him with a frying pan. But eventually I realized He is the only way to find answers to my questions. That's when I decided, reluctantly, to leave my castle and follow him on an adventure beyond my imagination. You can read the story of my personal adventure with Jesus by clicking on this link:

But wait! Before you do, please let me remind you that you too can decide to follow him and when you do, you are bound to encounter more joy and love than you imagined! I wish you a wonderful week!

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