Friday, 13 September 2013

Help! Some days are like a football game...

I am sure you agree, that for every mom some, days are better than others. We would all love to have well behaved children who help us with our chores, whenever we want them to, and husbands who, when they come home from work, take great interest in our day and our problems. Most of the time, however, the reality is a little different.

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There are some days where motherhood seems to have a lot in common with golf, at least on my more peaceful days. Golf seems so incredibly serene, when one is slowly walking down a sunny fairway, without a breath of wind in the air, trying to get a ball to the target. Likewise, on a peaceful day, I "push my ball" at a steady pace, while completing one chore at the time. I do what any mother needs to do with very little disturbance or interruption. Though I might hit a rough spot every now and then, like the "rough" on the side of a fairway, I usually get back on track quite swiftly. On those days I do my best to avoid "bunkers" or other kind of hazards, like strife, quarreling or taking offense. But, and I am sure you agree, these golf-kind-of-mothering days are a little scarce.

More of them seem so awfully busy and chaotic that we don't know how we are ever going to get through them. Yesterday was that sort of day for me. It was more of a "football" kind of day. 

If you’ve been following my blog, then you know I love movies. One of my favorite actresses is Sandra Bullock. In the movie "The Blind Side" (released in 2009) she plays a strong-minded interior designer-wife-mother who takes in a 17-year-old runaway by the name of Michael and helps him succeed in school and sport. It truly is an Oscar winning performance! Michael plays football and she is an avid supporter. At the beginning of the movie she speaks the following very significant words (with a beautiful Texan accent, I might add):

“There’s a moment of orderly silence before football play begins. Players are in position, linemen are frozen and anything is possible. Then, like a traffic accident, stuff begins to randomly collide. From the snap of the ball to the snap of the first bone is closer to 4 seconds than 5.” 

Later she adds: 

“Up to now, the play has been defined by what the quarterback sees, it’s about to be defined by what he doesn’t.” 

Then she goes on to explain, that this is why the second highest paid player in the team is usually the “left tackle” who’s job it is to protect the quarterback from what he can’t see coming. The left tackle is there to protect the quarterback's blind side.

Ohhh, how familiar that sounds! The moment of orderly silence in the morning before my day begins. Kids in position and ready to be dropped off at school. Anything is possible still. It could even be a nice relaxing day. Then, just a little bit later, "stuff" seems to randomly collide. The maid doesn't show up, so I have to cancel my visit to the gym in order to clean and tidy my house instead. An few minutes later, my little girl's school calls, she is sick and I need to come and pick her up. For the second time, at a moments notice, I have to re-arrange my diary. I take her to the doctor; fortunately it's just a tummy bug. Back home I now cancel all my other appointments for today. She will need to be looked after. Not that I don't enjoy nursing my child, but this was the day that I had planned to spoil myself with a massage and now I am running between Chamomile tea, Panados and a bucket!! But I know I am not the only one with a stressful day. A friend of mine's son fell off his long board and just like in football "within seconds" his arm was broken and she was off to hospital. These things happen so quickly and I bet she can relate to this kind of day!

Football days tend to "erode" me to the core, which is of course the game plan of the opposing team. At the end of such a day I feel as if I have "lost the game". Yup! Life can definitely hit you from the blind side, especially if you are a mother. Most of my days are defined by what I can see coming, but sometimes they are defined by what I can't. That is exactly why I need Jesus. I am the "quarterback" in my family. He is the "left tackle" in my life. He protects me and warns me of upcoming danger. If I listen, He is there to protect the blind side of my day. I am so grateful I have Jesus. I hope you have him protecting you.

The good thing days are not an everyday occurrence. Today, I am back on the fairway and from my sunny stroll through the morning, I wish you a fabulous and happy day!

P.s. If you can identify with this post, why not leave me a comment below? A bit of "sisterly empathy" from another mom will go a long way for my readers!

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