Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Journey to the center of Me... - Part 3 (lunchbreak!)

Welcome back to my "Journey to the center of Me"! We are taking a quick pause on my journey this week, somewhat of a "lunch break" per say, to take a look at something very special...

I find that Day 3 in the book was intensely personal and very arty and I am not a very arty person at all. But I have learnt so much from this chapter and they were such crucial lessons, that I would like to point you to someone else, who can tell you a story of his own. It is a beautiful story about who we are and how God is painting the story of our lives and how he can turn us from the picture on the left into the picture just like the one on the right. The person presenting the message is Anthony Noble and though it might not be the most professional video, it is a most beautiful message, presented by one of the most humble servants of God. You can view his YouTube message here:

I can almost guarantee that you will enjoy it!

I hope you will visit again in a couple of weeks, when I continue with Day 4 of my own journey...



  1. Absolutely exquisite as always. Thank you for sharing this with us Sue. I do hope we can get him for Happy Echoes sometime.

    1. Thank you Shirley! I hold thumbs that you will get him and if you do...let me know and I will come listen!

  2. Very beautiful - both the message and the painting!

    1. Thank you Chiara! I love his message too! Great to watch again every time it feels as if someone is trying to "change me"...haha!


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