Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My New Year's Resolution...

I know it’s a little late and I actually don’t do New Year's Resolutions but I had to give this post a title and this one fitted best. So, here it is: 


That might sound strange to you at first. "Who wants to be a loser?", you might ask. But do you remember the popular TV show "The Biggest Loser"? Where overweight people compete to lose some unnecessary pounds or kilos? It is exactly that show that inspired me to make this resolution, except that I am not over-weight. But I am a mom with a somewhat turbulent childhood and for the past two decades I have been chasing after the losses I incurred. Almost like an addicted gambler who keeps trying to recoup what he has lost at the slot machine. The truth is, these losses affect those around us and in my case they have produced bad habits. 

So this year I want to be the biggest loser of bad habits, bad attitudes and bad thoughts. No more unrealistically high expectations...because all moms shout at their kids now and then. No more underestimating myself...because I can learn self-control when things around me seem to spin out of control. No more jealousy or self-pity...for I have enough reason to know by now that God will give me all that I need. No more negative self-talk…and many more…these are the things I want to lose. What about you? Will you join me? 

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  1. Fabulous and thought-provoking post, Sue. And yes, right on topic for CWOSA too! I haven't used the same term, although it is most appropriate, as my theme for this year is to back off some of the unnecessary clutter that fills my time, and have more hours for relaxation, fun, and my husband. (Mostly all three at the same time!)

    1. Thank you Shirl! Glad to hear I could help with a new motto "lose the clutter" it is then? ;) Have a happy week!


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