Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Motherhood...a game of "Snakes & Ladders" ?

Mom, have you ever quarreled with your teenage son? So much that, after dropping him at school, it left you with the feeling that he might enjoy school better than his time at home? This would have, if you are anything like me, left you with feelings of guilt and shame. I have had an opportunity to ponder over this today and I have decided that these are the lies and the schemes of the evil one (the devil or whatever you want to call him). I believe that sometimes he wants to defeat us right from the start, from the early morning, so that our light won't shine that day. But the truth is...

Growth doesn’t happen automatically. Neither my son’s or mine. Relationships are and will always be hard work and growth happens when we overcome our problems, much like we would climb a pyramid. Just imagine a pyramid with a path going up at a steady angle on the outside of it and as you go around and climb higher, you keep overlooking the same sort of scenery. Many lessons we learn in life or battles we fight are kind of recurring just like that. For example, how to deal with my teenage son or how to let go of my past and forgive. Those are problems that I keep facing as I keep climbing. We steadily make our way up, going round and round throughout the years and on the way up we seem to face our problems again and again. But, you see, each time we face them, we face them from a slightly higher point of view. day...we get to the top and finally enjoy the view!

That's how I feel when I keep facing my issues. Issues of motherhood or issues of pride. Moments where I need to humble myself and don't want to. Any issue I face, I keep facing repeatedly until I conquer it from the top of the mountain. Perhaps a slightly better way to explain my feelings, would be to compare it to a game of "Snakes & Ladders". We keep moving up, but occasionally we get a setback and some days even feel like we've had to take that great big slide down and start almost at the bottom again. But would you ever give up in a game of "Snakes & Ladders"? Certainly not! You keep climbing and even if you are the last one to will finish and so it is with us!

That’s the truth I want you to know Mom. That you will make it to the top. If you keep climbing. Don’t give up. Hang in there. One day at a the time. Slowly make your way up the pyramid and know that there are plenty of us climbing with you. We all get bad days and we all need encouragement and if you are one of those moms who have made it to the top...all relaxed and composed and enjoying the view...please remember those of us who are still climbing and if you get a chance, please encourage us today! Wishing you all a victorious day! ;-)

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